Shaping The Future

Created from an ethos that surf sports products can do better.  Better for us, better for surfers and better for our planet.  Union of Surf was born.  A collective drawn together by a love for the ocean and a desire for change. Born from a notion that as a collective we are stronger together.

Union Promise

We stand for key principles that a surf brand should be planet positive, stand for fair prices and simple no nonsense principles. 

We pride ourselves in making planet positive choices with materials, supply chains and production processes. If there is a better path we will always try ands find it.

Eco Friendly SunglassesWave Hog-ToffeeWave Hog is a classic design with a splash of modern.  The laminate construction make these glasses strong but super lightweight and comfortable.  
Every pair of Wav

Planet Positive Products

Re-use, re-purpose and re-cycling products at our core. Like our handmade 'I used to be a wetsuit' second life neoprene project. Making eyewear cases from old wetsuits.

Eco Friendly SunglassesSolSol, Surf, Sand. Feel the cool breeze of sophistication with our Sol Walnut Edition sunglasses! Our lifestyle inspired design and waveology polarized lens are perfec

Brand Choices

Its time to make better choices. As a brand we promise when making products we will make choices for good. Planet and people before profit.

From supply chain, manufacturing processes and materials used, we alway try and make planet positive choices. Like replacing plastic for sunglasses made from discarded wooden offcuts. Integration of bioplastics or recycle-able plastics where plastic is used.