Our Packaging

Designed to be practical and kinder.

Recycled Neoprene Cases

Second Life Neoprene

We work closely with wetsuit manufacturers to find a second life for neoprene. It turns out its perfect at protecting your glasses. So we started making old wetsuits into glasses cases. Each case is completely unique and different. All washed and sewn to protect your eyewear. We hope this will keep them out of landfill and also stop a new case being made from raw materials and producing carbon.

One more little step for the planet.

Recyclable Packaging

Keep tube

Each pair is sent in it own cardboard tube. When its not looking after your glasses please find a second life for you tube. They are great and looking after pencils, coins, socks and barbies shoes.

post bags

Degradable postal packaging

Poly bags that worms love and cardboard not plastic to protect your glasses as they are delivered to you.

Less Plastic Stuff

Compostable Non Bubble, Bubble Wrap

We looked and we found an alternative to plastic. This compostable material we use to protect your parcel from bumps can be reused or composted.