Waveology Lens

Eco Friendly SunglassesSolSol, Surf, Sand. Feel the cool breeze of sophistication with our Sol Walnut Edition sunglasses! Our lifestyle inspired design and waveology polarized lens are perfec

Waveology lens tech

Polarised Lenses

All our glasses come with polarised lenses. Reducing glare and keeping your eyes fully relaxed is a key part of your comfort. reducing eye strain and uneccissary squinting when the suns out. Our waveology lens technology help you chill to the max.

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Waveology Lens tech

100% UV Filtration

Safety First, we know UV can be damaging to the eyes. Thats why every pair of glasses filters 100% of UV rays and rated UV400. Keeping your eyes protected from the sun all day long.

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Waveology Lens tech


Where you see this logo, you are guaranteed the waveology lens tech.

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Eco Friendly SunglassesPearl- Blue MirrorCatch the summer rays in style with Pearl sunglasses! Featuring polarized mirrored lenses and stylish walnut wood veneer, they are perfect for long days at the beachPearl- Blue Mirror


Styling to suit you

Discover a wide range of lens varieties in stunning mirror finishes. Mirror choices pink, green to vivid blue.

Our polarised lenses also comes in soft grey to soft green.

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