What is G15 Lens?

What is G15 Lens?


Explore the Science Behind G15 Lens Technology for Sunglasses


Eco Friendly SunglassesPit DogPit Dogs feature a classic design, re-engineered in wood with an Ebony veneer.    Available in a G15 green lens for increased depth perception.

Have you ever wondered what sets the G15 Lens apart from other lenses on the market? Let's dive into the world of G15 Lens technology and explore the numerous benefits it offers.

What is a G15 Lens?

The G15 Lens is a type of lens that was originally developed for military use. It is known for its superior optical performance and ability to enhance visual clarity in various lighting conditions. The G15 Lens gets its name from the combination of green and gray colors that make up its tint.

What are the Benefits of a G15 Lens?

One of the key benefits of the G15 Lens is its ability to provide true color perception. The tint of the lens reduces glare while maintaining natural color balance, making it ideal for activities like driving or outdoor sports. Additionally, the G15 Lens offers 100% UV protection, ensuring your eyes are shielded from harmful rays.

Another advantage of the G15 Lens is its high level of contrast enhancement. This feature allows for better depth perception and improved visual acuity, making it easier to see details in your surroundings. Whether you're on the beach or in the mountains, the G15 Lens can help you see the world with greater clarity.

Which Union of Surf Sunglasses Utilize the G15 Lens Technology?

When it comes to surf sunglasses that incorporate G15 Lens technology, look no further than the Union of Surf collection. These sunglasses are specifically designed for water sports enthusiasts who demand the best in optical performance. With the G15 Lens, Union of Surf Wave Hog sunglasses offer unparalleled clarity and protection for all your aquatic adventures.

Experience the difference that the G15 Lens can make in your visual experience. Whether you're hitting the waves or simply enjoying a day in the sun, the G15 Lens is sure to enhance your vision and elevate your outdoor activities.

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